Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cleveland Browns NFL draft primer

The Cleveland Browns have a chance to change the fate of the franchise with the players they pick in the NFL draft. It seems like most people have forgotten that the Cleveland Browns had a top ten defense last year. The reason for the losing record was because the offense averaged less than two touchdowns a game. The combination of a top offense and defense would put this team over the top. The draft picks could go a long way to fixing the problems on offense. I understand these players are rookies but they are playmakers. The role of the playmaker is to make a play when x's and o's don't add up. The 3 picks in the top 37 give the team a chance to acquire those types of players. The evidince is in the past season which showed Colt McCoy played his best when Peyton Hills was at his best. The two wins against the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. The Colts win early last season. Colt has always even college risen to the level of the talent around him. Colt has only had a playmaking running would interesting to see him play with a playmaker at wide receiver and running back. In this draft the Browns can put a playmaking running back and wide receiver on the team. The defense on the Cleveland Browns should be better and if the offense can come to the party things could turn around pretty quick in Brownstown. 

Check out the links below to get your mind right for the draft tonight.

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