Monday, March 12, 2012

First things first for the Cleveland Browns free agency

A lot of the talk about the Cleveland Browns over the past few days has been about the NFL draft and not getting Robert Griffin III. The only problem is free agency is what the Browns need to be worried about next as it starts on March 13th at 4PM eastern. A large part of what will happen in the NFL draft on April 26th will be dictated by what needs the Cleveland Browns can fill in free agency. A recent article on listed the Cleveland Browns as only having 17.4 million dollars in cap space. The space number surprised since the Cleveland Browns don't have a lot of talented player which normally translates to high salaries. You can add only having 17.4 million in cap space to the list of reason for not be big players in free agency for the Browns. Tom Heckert has said on several occasions that the Browns will try to sign their free agents first then look at the open market. I would like to the see them pick up a right tackle, weak side linebacker,  wide receiver, and running back. The main criteria for my list is only players going into their second contract. The Browns need player who know how to play but aren't too old and can give them several years of good play. This free agent class of over 500 players will allow the Browns to add really good depth to the roster which they need badly. If they can deliver the items on my shopping list then they can go into the draft and get player makers on offense that will complement whoever is the quarterback.

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Keith B McGlothin said...

The Browns should resign Hillis, first, and foremost, Patterson, and then Norwood. I don't see them being able to attract any top tier WR. Bowe, and Johnson, have already returned to their respective teams. Colston, Jackson, are out of the question, and Meachem, is a 2nd tier WR at best, who has underachieved. Browns are better served in drafting a WR, and developing him into top tier, I prefer Blackmon (OSU)

Flynn makes absolutely no sense, neither does Kolb, who has now been given 2 opportunities to lead teams (PHI, AZ) and has failed in both instances. I don't quite understand the intrigue with league retreads, or the sudden love for McCoy, and surrounding him with "more" talent.

McCoy was "given" the job this year, and regardless of what he was, or wasn't surrounded by, "he" showed no improvement. He had the benefit of not having to look over his shoulder, he was allowed to find his way through adversity, and just never did. While it may not all be the fault of McCoy, it begins there, hence the need, desire to pursue an opportunity to draft Griffin lll.

In an open competition, I see Wallace winning this job, I see him better than Flynn, and short term, and money wise, MAKES THE MOST SENSE. Even if Griffin lll was drafted, there was no reason to start him, same with whatever QB they draft, and they will draft a QB, I say that ends the McCoy development project.