Monday, March 19, 2012

Cleveland Browns offensive upgrade plan now focused on the draft

Now that Peyton Manning has chosen to sign with the Denver Broncos the Cleveland Browns can go back to the offensive upgrade plan focused on the draft. The Cleveland Browns were never in on Matt Flynn because they believe if they give Colt McCoy more time in the system and better weapons he can be Matt Flynn. If Peyton Manning would have went with  the San Francisco 49ers then the Cleveland Browns could have been in the Alex Smith business. If Peyton Manning would've went to the Tennessee Titans then Matt Hasselbeck could have been a consideration for the Cleveland Browns. The plan for the Cleveland Browns offensive from the being was to go the draft route to make the offense more explosive. They tried to trade for rights to draft Robert Griffin III didn't work out...but again a move through the draft. A lot of fans ask why aren't the Cleveland Browns adding offensive players in free agency? The reason is reviled in the salary cap. The Cleveland Browns had an average amount of space under the cap this year but in the next two years will have a large amount of free space. The Cleveland Browns want to lock up their young talent on defense over the next two years while paying lower salaries for drafted offensive play makers. This plan allows for the team to stay competitive for a long time while keeping their own players. The other interesting twist that could come on draft day is if the Miami Dolphins don't get a quarterback they could call the Browns for a trade to the 8th pick. If the Browns go down to 8 they could take Trent Richardson and pick up extra picks. This would be a good move for the Browns because they could get an elite runner, keep the 22nd pick, and add to the 9 picks they already have. So Cleveland Browns fans if you looking for your team to make some noise wait until the end April for the draft.


Anonymous said...

Tebow is out there now,nothing wrong with having a quarterback that can run like a healthy Hillis on the roster.Don't see much behind McCoy right now.

Anonymous said...

I say draft defense and worry about year. Though the D did improve we played a weak division and teams ran well on us. Many games the opposition was running out the clock in 4th quarters which made the pass def. stats look better than they were... Its been proven in the afc north tough D wins!