Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Cleveland Browns need RG3

You have heard and read all the talk about should the Browns trade or keep all 9 draft picks. The Browns should trade up to the number 2 pick because the NFL is a quarterback driven league. I like Colt but he doesn't bring rare skills to the table. RG3 brings an elite accurate deep ball and rare speed to the table. While I avdocate them trading up I also believe they should get out of the bidding if it gets too rich. The limit for the Browns should be held to the first round of this draft and next year. The starting offer should be the 4th and 22nd picks and should stop at adding a 1st round pick next year. This would allow the Browns to come away with 8 players in the draft including RG3. The ability of Tom Heckert to select good players throughout the draft has been proven over the last two years. If the Browns can walk away from the draft getting a franchise quarterback and 7 other players they will be setup to succeed for the future...even without a 1st round pick next year.

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