Friday, March 23, 2012

Cleveland Browns Linebacker should avoid bounty penalty

Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita should avoid suspension in the New Orleans Saints bounty investigation because he has been least in public. One of the reasons that Sean Payton and other members of the Saints coaching staff got hammered by Roger Goodell was the cover up and not the crime. In recent public interviews Scott Fujita has said he paid other players for big hits but not to injure another player. Hopefully for Scott Fujita's sake he has or will tell Rodger Goodell the same thing and hope the commissioner doesn't have evidence to the contrary. Even if Fujita is caught with his hand in the cookie jar as I previously wrote about he should have a good union defense. Roger Goodell has delayed punishment of the players because he is working with the NFLPA to determine what should be done to the players. The commissioners own words that management and coaches are held to a higher standard should limit the penalty if any that is given to Scott Fujita. If Scott Fujita is lost it will most likely only be for a couple games which the Cleveland  Browns are familiar with since Fujita has missed few games each season he has been with the Browns.

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