Monday, July 25, 2011

The Browns FO is ready for this...

After all the bad setups for the Browns front office starting with Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark to Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel...the Holmgren-Heckert came just at the right time. The upcoming timeline for the post lockout wold is a little fast paced. The team that will fair the best have experienced people ready to work a plan that has been setup for months. Mike Holmgren talked about the teams plans at the motorcycle rally last week. I don't know how the Browns will do in the next two weeks of craziness, but they will prepared with experience people ready to do the work. I can see Heckert making moves and Holmgren being their to make sure things stay on track. The past Browns FO's didn't have that overseeing let's stick with our plan influence. Starting with the end of the lockout we start to see Holmgren's value to the front office process. Once the season starts we will see his value on the field through the coaching of Pat Shurmur.

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