Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Holmgren effect-Browns v. Chiefs

Today we get to see the first results of what I call the Holmgren effect. One of the under reported benefits of Holmgren being with the Browns is that he can coach up Eric Mangini. This is first for the new Browns since they have come back. They finally have someone in the building who is not the coach or general manager who is a football guy will a recent track record of success. He can look at the tape of the Tampa Bay game and give Eric Mangini coaches perspective on his in game decision making process. This should show up in the Chiefs game today. As for the Browns not making halftime adjustments last week that is just not true. The plan they was working and continued to work in the third quarter. You can blame the lack of success in the second half on the turnovers and mistakes. Look for the game today against the Chiefs to come down to special teams and special players like Cribbs and Dexter McCluster.

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