Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trade the 7th Overal Pick...Fix the Browns QB Problem

The Browns can give a kid coming out of college a raise over what the 7th pick got last year and the team will be a littler better. If they trade the 7th pick in the draft to Philly for McNabb they can compete for the playoffs for next 5 years. If the Browns stay at 7 they will have to pay a rookie a raise over the 23.5 million guarenteed 7th pick got last year. This money would given to a kid who have never proved anything in the NFL. The Browns will get much more bang for their buck by paying McNabb that money on a multiyear deal.

You say why do the Browns have to pay McNabb if they trade for him? If they don't extend his one year on his contract he won't show up killing the trade. The Browns should make the deal because it makes the entire team better and allows the front office time to build rest of the roster while still winning. The Browns will still have 10 picks in the draft if they give Philly their first round pick. This give them the flexability to draft a developmental quaterback that can learn behind McNabb and be ready to take over when he retires. It makse too much sense...the Browns need to take some advice from Nike...Just Do It!