Saturday, April 25, 2009

Could the Cleveland Browns end up with 3 picks in the first round?

As the rumors swirl around what the Cleveland Browns will do on draft day, the one thing that is common in all the reports is Cleveland Browns want to make splash.

The team only has five draft picks because of the trades made by Phil Savage and they need more help than 5 players will solve. The bottom line is they need

more picks to bring this team back to life. I don't have any inside information but I do think the Browns have the possibility to come away with at least another first round pick

and possibility of 3 first round picks. I do believe Braylon Edwards will not be with team by the end of the first day of the draft and should net at least a first round pick which would put

the Browns with 2 in the first round. If a Sanchez makes it to the Browns pick at number 5 they could end up with another first round pick giving them 3 in the first and 2 in the second.

That should be enough to get this team talent wise back on the winning track.