Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joe Jurevicius missing the start of the season...not so fast

Several media outlets are reporting that Phil Savage said Joe Jurevicius likely to start the season the pup (physicaly unable to perform) list. Phil Savage had his weekly radio appearance on wtam this morning when he said the "He will probably start on the pup list". So what does that mean? Well it means a couple of things, for one he can start training camp on pup and be activated to the 80 roster anytime before final cut down to 53 players or he can stay on pup and miss the first 6 weeks of the season. If you go back to last year Gary Baxter started on the pup list and was taken off pup durning training camp last year. So as Phil said on wtam they continue to monitor him to determine when he is ready. So this is wait and see injury that if anybody can comeback from it's Joe Jurevicius.

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