Sunday, April 20, 2008

No picks on the first day of the draft...No problem

So the draft starts today at 3PM and the Browns don't have any picks. So you think, I don't have to follow the draft until tomorrow. Not so fast my friend, today is about who doesn't get taken if you are a Browns fan. You want to know who will be available for the Browns to take tomorrow. Also you want to know who the other AFC North teams didn't take. If the other teams in the division didn't meet their needs it's good for the Browns. The guy I think the Browns are hoping is available in the third or fourth round is Marcus Howard from Georgia. This guy is a Kamerion Wimbley type, undersized college defensive end with speed. The difference with Marcus Howard is that he is a little stronger than Wimbley coming out of college (600 pound max squat). The reason he could be available is NFL teams aren't totally sold on him as a defensive end in a 4-3. The other reason is the guys that started ahead of him taken in the draft last year didn't really play well in the NFL. So teams wounder why Marcus couldn't beat them out. I asked Phil Savage at a Browns Backers event about Marcus and he said it would be nice to see him playing opposite of Wimbley. He thinks his stock might be rising to high for the Browns to take him.

I don't have any inside info, but I think if he is there in the third round they might try to trade up to get him...just a gut feeling.

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