Saturday, April 12, 2008

Inside Look Event

I attended the second annual Browns Backers Inside Look event last night. Phil Savage and the personnel staff went over free agency and draft process. Joe Thomas and Mel Tucker also were at the event. In total it was a lot of good information about the team. I was able to ask a question and talk to Phil for a few seconds after the event.

Phil has a ton of passion for this team. He is totally legit and the team is in good hands.

Here are some highlights of the event:
  • They had 3 priorities going into business season sign Jamal, sign Derek, and fix the D-Line.
  • The team felt and still feels Derek gives them the best chance to win now.
  • A question came from the audience asking who would be the starting QB in 2008. Phil said "Let me see how good I have trained my staff" and proceeded to ask them who the starter was and they all said Derek. Phil jokingly passed the Microphone to Joe Thomas and got the same answer.
  • Phil said Romeo unlike some other coaches is very involved in scouting meetings.
  • He told the crowd if you have something to do on the Saturday of the draft go do it, the Browns won't be picking on day one.
  • He did mention they may spend a little more money on the undrafted free agent, since they don't have picks 1-3. This past week they have been in draft meetings which went for about 12 hours a day.
  • Phil said despite what you might read in the papers, the Browns and LeCharles don't have a bad relationship. LeCharles is working out with his trainer in Arizona in cooperation with the Browns training staff. Phil said LeCharles is just like K2, Gary Baxter, or any other player coming off a long rehab he has to pass certain tests to get back on the field. Sometime before training camp LeCharles will take those tests.
  • In regards to the trading some of the guys on the o-line, Phil said the team has good depth at that position for the first time since 1999 so why would you trade it away. He said the same thing about the quarterbacks, now that we have depth to protect from injury why would you trade it away.
  • Phil took questions about draft prospects and they gave a mini scouting report about each one.

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