Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Draft Starts Early for the Browns

Phil Savage started the early draft talk last night, when he said Corey Williams was better than any player they could take in the second round of the draft. Romeo Crennel continued that talk today, when he said the first 3 picks of 2008 draft are Brady Quinn, Corey Williams, and Shaun Rogers. Romeo characterized this as the Browns getting a head start on the 2008 draft with proven players.

On paper the defensive line should play the run better and help push pocket to allow for more sacks from outside backers. Corey Williams should provide a lot versitility with ability to play either end in the base 3-4 or inside tackle when they go four man line in the sub defense. This should allow the Browns keep a fresh rotation on the defensive line.

The trade for Shaun Rogers with the Lions not only cost them their 3rd round pick, but Leigh Bodden as well. Hopefully a change of scheme and scenery will help him play up to his potential. One of the reasons the Lions moved him was because of lack playing and working hard all the time. One good thing about getting Rogers now is he will be available for full offseason workout schedule.

That was only part of the whirlwind of the first 24 hours of free agency. The team will now return all 11 starters on offense with signing of Derek Anderson to a new three year deal. The Browns now have one the best QB situations in the league. The NFL had over 60 different starting quarterbacks last year. In the event of an injury at quarterback the Browns should be able to continue business usual on offense.

The team now has to find a replacement for Leigh Bodden and hit on the remain picks they have for 2008 draft.


Anonymous said...

I get what Phil is saying about the 2008 draft picks... but if you are Brady Quinn... that's gotta just peeve you a little bit. Sounds like it kind of belittles any kind of progress he made in developing into a pro QB (mostly in exhibition games and practice) and sets him back to square one. The other two guys are contributors, but aside from motivating the starter (D.A) to do well and resign, what has Brady really done as a rookie, you know?

Brooklyn Dawg said...

I am excited about all the moves the Browns have made. Even with our tough schdule we should be able to make a run for the playoffs. Yes I said it playoffs!! The Browns are back. The respect is back. Go Browns