Friday, March 28, 2008

Phil Savage on WTAM 3/27/2008

Click here to listen to Phil's weekly Thursday appearance on WTAM 1100 in Cleveland.

For those without NFL Network....

On Wednesday their was no Derek Anderson interview and no interview link on as well. If and when the interview airs I post the link at that time.

To check out the video Kellen's appearance on NFL Network click on the following links.

Kellen Winslow joins the set of NFL Total Access to talk about the direction the Browns are heading in 2008.

Browns TE Kellen Winslow catches passes one-handed from the Total Access crew.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Special Teams gets a boost

On Wednesday the Browns signed LB Kris Griffin, a key special teams contributor to a one year deal.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Browns coming soon to NFL Network

NFL Network's Total Access show will have Derek Anderson and Kellen Winslow Jr. as guest this week. Derek will sit down with Rich Eisen for a one on one interview and Kellen will be the in-studio guest for the state of the state of the franchise segment.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Browns aren't done yet

Since the last post the Browns have added Donte Stallworth, signed Shaun Rogers to a new deal, and signed offensive lineman Rex Hadnot. Let's take a look to see what these moves mean on football field.

The signing of Donte should present the same problems for defenses that Patriots offense did in 2007. Derek should have another good year with Joe Jurevicius and Donte Stallworth getting man coverage every snap, because of double coverage on Braylon and Kellen. This should also result in Jamal have at least another 1,300 yard season, because of the seven man fronts dictated by the receiving treats. In a nutshell it forces the defense to cover every inch of the field, which put incredible stress on the opponent.

Now to Shaun Rogers new contract, which has caused some head scratching around the league. I will go on record that the trade and new contract makes me nervous. Shaun has been a force at times but tends to fade towards the end of the season. The new contract could be a problem if the Browns didn't structure it properly. Now, if they broke up the 20 million in guarantees with a 5 million dollar signing bonus and the rest in roster bonuses over the next 3 years that's okay deal. This type of contract would still dangle the carrot for a guy who had problems staying motivated in Detroit. It would also protect the Browns in case the old Shaun Rogers shows up. Phil Savage believes that with Romeo Crennel and the leaders on defense like Willie McGinest, this will prevent Rogers from slipping in Cleveland. The upside is huge if they can get Rogers to perform consistently over 16 plus games.

The Rex Hadnot signing provides additional depth along the interior offense line. His versatility to play guard and center kills two birds with one stone. He should also compete with Ryan Tucker and LeCharles Bentley for the starting right guard spot. This leaves corner and outside linebacker as the Browns remaining needs.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Draft Starts Early for the Browns

Phil Savage started the early draft talk last night, when he said Corey Williams was better than any player they could take in the second round of the draft. Romeo Crennel continued that talk today, when he said the first 3 picks of 2008 draft are Brady Quinn, Corey Williams, and Shaun Rogers. Romeo characterized this as the Browns getting a head start on the 2008 draft with proven players.

On paper the defensive line should play the run better and help push pocket to allow for more sacks from outside backers. Corey Williams should provide a lot versitility with ability to play either end in the base 3-4 or inside tackle when they go four man line in the sub defense. This should allow the Browns keep a fresh rotation on the defensive line.

The trade for Shaun Rogers with the Lions not only cost them their 3rd round pick, but Leigh Bodden as well. Hopefully a change of scheme and scenery will help him play up to his potential. One of the reasons the Lions moved him was because of lack playing and working hard all the time. One good thing about getting Rogers now is he will be available for full offseason workout schedule.

That was only part of the whirlwind of the first 24 hours of free agency. The team will now return all 11 starters on offense with signing of Derek Anderson to a new three year deal. The Browns now have one the best QB situations in the league. The NFL had over 60 different starting quarterbacks last year. In the event of an injury at quarterback the Browns should be able to continue business usual on offense.

The team now has to find a replacement for Leigh Bodden and hit on the remain picks they have for 2008 draft.